The consortium born because SOCRAM MECCANICA strongly wanted answer to his clients with a complete environmental project from A to Z. Tradition – Territory – Internationality SOCRAM MECCANICA is coming from FANTAUZZI experience that it is an historical reality in the area of Lazio (central Italy), strongly rooted in its territory, a complete and vital expression in waste management field, of that fund of knowledge, work ethic, pragmatism and innovation that have always characterized this part of the Italian land. The affection to local and historical roots determine a solid foundation for SOCRAM MECCANICA, but in the same way it has always wanted to propose ideas and innovations brought to the specific market in a more open context.

SOCRAM MECCANICA joined 8 leaders companies and became SOCRAM MECCANICA CONSORTIUM in waste planning, management, building and construction of technologic plant able all together to answer to the complete Life Cycle Assessment of the environmental waste word.

This means consolidating SOCRAM MECCANICA CONSORTIUM with all his partners in a strong international soul, purposeful but attentive to the demands, needs and experiences of other realities. More recently, in full consistency with this strategic line, the scope of the traditional business of the company, which has always been linked to the production of innovative products for the collection of municipal solid waste, was integrated with other products and other strategic objectives. All this remains, however, within the “ecological” context ensuring the company’s ability to keep pace with the evolution of a market in continuous becoming.

Mission:  Research and Innovation for a better world

Our compromise in ecology: ecology without compromise. SOCRAM MECCANICA CONSORTIUM mission is expressed in a constant research for innovative and technological solutions applied to the ecological sphere, designed and structured to improve the quality of life of people. We are interested to all that can better the world we live in and we believe that to reach this goal, everyone should do their part first, small or big it is. We want to give the correct value even to small things: a single piece of paper left on the street, a cleaner breath of air, the deafening silence of the free growing up of a tree. Everything that can complement this aim is therefore of our interest and object of our attention: collection, disposal and transportation of waste, biological waste treatment, environmentally friendly transportation of people, purification of air …